Eternity Medicine cares for your privacy and acknowledges the fact that it is necessary to protect the user’s privacy. We consider it our responsibility to keep your information private, whether you just visited our website, registered for the events, subscribed to our newsletter, or act in any other way. We worked very hard to create this privacy policy to keep your information confidential. Another purpose is to guide you in what can make this relationship strong. This Privacy Statement discloses the privacy practices for all products and services owned by Eternity Medicine.

Information Collection & Use

We collect information from the subscribers and users of our website and also our customers. However, we discuss the specific data that we collect and the way to use it. We make use of the gathered information for the benefit of both you and us.

Registration and Ordering

If you want to participate in any of our sponsorships, events, or in any other specific act, even if you want to get benefit from our subscription, you need to register on our website. To register with us, you need to go to the registration link on our website. When you click on it, you will be asked to provide some specific details. It includes your contact number, name, gender, and e-mail address. Later, we can use this information to communicate with our users and provide them their demanded services. In addition to it, there is the possibility that we collect our visitor’s demographic information. It can involve company information, professional certification, purchasing responsibilities, and job title. We collect this information for making our user experience better. Marketing is another purpose for doing so.

E-mail Newsletters

We may ask for your contact information for an e-mail newsletter. We may require your demographic information and specifically e-mail address if you want to subscribe to our newsletter. If we would like to use this information then we will make use of it in the same way we have used your contact information. We always care about your privacy. Also, if you have a desire to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can easily do it by utilizing the link provided at the end of our every newsletter e-mail. Here, you should adhere to the fact that we never use your information with any third-party.


If any of our customers want to let their friends know about our services, we can ask the name of that friend, job title, and e-mail address. Eternity Medicine will save this information so that we can send an invitation to your friend. Hence, if the friend does not want to get our offers or information, then he can tell us that he would not like to make more communication with us.

Interaction with Us

We have some specific features to which our customers may submit their information to keep in touch with us. The feedback form is an example. Such kind of submissions involve requests for the information, support, or service. We may send our agents to them as per requirement to make our services best. Hence, we may keep this information to make our services and customer experience better and some other internal administrative resolutions. Here, kindly note that the reviews of our services can be revealed publically.

Automatic Data Collection

We need to inform you that our websites, newsletters, and other particular services and items have such features that may collect data from your browser automatically. However, this data usually contains your name, e-mail, and location (maybe). The main purpose is to provide the content to customers on the basis of their desires, preferences, and interest. In addition to it, this information helps the company to make particular products to fulfill your desires. The basic example of the automatic data collection tool is cookies. Still, we always ask before such act.

Third-party advertising is used by Eternity Medicine to provide our ads when our customers visit specific websites. It allows the information to these websites so that related advertisements can be served to you. During this procedure, a third-party cookie may be identified in your browser. In addition to it, in-house mail delivery is utilized to serve the purpose of sending e-mails to the registered customers.

When it comes to our in-house purpose, we gather IP address, type of the browser, time, navigation history, and data of the visitors who have visited our website. Though, this information doesn’t reveal anyone personally.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information

If any of our users want to make some changes in personal information or even they don’t want to get our services anymore, then we also have this facility. You can correct or update your personal information whenever you want. In case, you don’t know how to make these changes, you can ask our customer support to make required changes for you. Hence, patience is the key.

With Whom Your Information Is Shared?

It is important for you to note that we never share sensitive information of our customers with anyone else. Specifically, we never share credit card information with any third party or even with our partners. Hence, you can expect to share your personal information including name, gender, and e-mail. Still, it depends on the preferences selected by our customers when we want their permission.


We always let it in the hands of our customers to select whether they would like to get our information or not. If you want to change your preferences, you can do so by contacting us anytime.


We make use of proper precautions to secure your personal information so that we can use it for the benefits of both you and us. Your sensitive information such as credit card number or related information is encrypted and conveyed to us securely. Not everyone can get this information but only our specific employees can. Last but not the least, we keep your information in our secure servers.

URL links

This website may contain links to the other websites. Please note that Eternity Medicine is not responsible for the privacy acts of other websites. So, ensure their privacy acts by reading their privacy policies before leaving our website.


The Eternity Medicine website is not dealt with the individuals younger than thirteen years of age, and so we don’t expect to gather any kind of personal information from such users.