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    Success Stories

    “I have been using the “Live Below 5.0” Diabesity Program’ created by Dr Simpson with my clients for the past year now. Clients find the Keto approach easy to follow and my clients and I have been delighted with the results. The price of the program is very affordable and the results are more than satisfactory”

    - Dr Feruza

    “As a cardiologist I was a little skeptical initially about the high fat low carb program. In addition half my patients are vegetarian. I am astounded by the clinical improvement I see in a very short time. It is not difficulty to be Keto compliant even on a plant based diet.”

    - Dr Alok

    “I have been employing a Keto Diet together with Intermittent Fasting not only for my clients but for myself. Dr Simpson has visited me in Karachi and has helped many friends of mine throughout Pakistan. I am excited to be launching the “Live Below 5.0” program on a National scale with Wasim Akram in the next few months”.

    - Dr Zubair