Stem Cell Therapy

(Regenerative Medicine)

The Integrative Metabolic Programs delivered by Eternity Medicine are coupled with the latest Stem Cell Therapies.

As mentioned earlier, all chronic disease, is a combination of Metabolic and Psychological Stress – this is what causes shortening of our telomeres and our lives.

As we age the reserve of all organs in our body diminish. The rate of this wear and tear in our different organs is largely determined by our lifestyle.

Eternity works with some of the leading Stem Cell Companies including Bioscience (Dubai) and Stemgenn (New Delhi).



Step 1: Consultation

The treatment begins with a detailed consultation and pre-examination followed by laboratory tests. On the basis of this, treatment details are explained to the client.

Step 2: Sample Source Extraction

Stem cell therapy is performed using the clients own adult autologous cells, so the procedure begins with a sample extraction. Using the best medical standards followed globally, the source extraction is performed from either – bone marrow or adipose tissue.

Step 3: Lab Processing

The stem cells are isolated and separated from the fat or bone marrow. Them sample is then processed, tested for quality and quantity of stem cells yielded.

Step 4: Stem Cell Implantation

The next step is the implantation of the processed stem cells back into the patient’s body at the affected area. One of the following techniques will be used, depending on the patient requirement:

  • Intravenous administration
  • Intra-thecal administration (lumbar puncture)
  • Intramuscular administration
  • Intra-arterial administration via catheter
  • Retrobulbar/ Peribulbar/ Intraviceral Infusion of cells
  • Liberation Angioplasty (CCSVI Treatment)