P4 (Proactive) Medicine

The existing “healthcare system” that most of us have been involved with is reactionary. Instead of focusing on keeping people healthy the prevailing system cares for you only after you become sick. This is why we call it a “sick care” system rather than a “healthcare” system. The Eternity Medicine Approach is very different and is based on 4-P Proactive Medicine – Personalized – Predictive – Preventive – Participatory.

Medicine today is undergoing a revolution that will transform the practice of healthcare in virtually everyway. This revolution is emerging from two primary factors:

  • New Systems Approach To Biology
    Systems medicine, the healthcare focused derivative of systems biology is beginning to
    transform healthcare through:
    i. a systems approach to disease
    ii. technologies that explore new dimensions eg. Genome sequencing
    iii. analysis of quantized units in biological information (gene, molecule, cell, organ) to provide information on health or disease for the individual
    iv. resulting explosion of client data that is transforming traditional medicine into an information science.
  • The Digital Revolution


The timing is right for Intelligent Aging

As Leroy Hood states regarding the digital revolution

“The digital revolution has already transformed communications, finance, retail and information technology by harnessing big datasets through computational analyses and by creating powerful new business and social networks.” The digital revolution is contributing to individualize healthcare in several important ways: (1) by providing tools and strategies for managing and analyzing large biological and environmental datasets; (2) by catalyzing the invention of personal monitoring devices that can digitalize biological and social information, thus enabling an assessment of wellness and disease for the individual (e.g., the ‘quantified self’); and (3) by providing models for the creation of consumer (patient)-driven and consumer (patient)-participating social networks that focus on optimizing wellness and/or dealing with disease.

The convergence of the digital revolution and systems approaches to wellness and disease is beginning to lead to a proactive P4 medicine that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Thus ‘P4 Medicine’ is the clinical application of the tools and strategies of systems medicine to quantify wellness and demystify disease for the wellbeing of the individual.