Eternity Stem Cells and Genomics

Stem Cells are one of the biggest innovations in modern medicine and Eternity Medicine is actively involved with promoting them in several countries with Bioscience and Stemgenn.

Stem Cells Labs

There are over 200 different types of cells in the human body. We are able to isolate and produce many of these cells and utilize them, not only in aesthetics, but also make them functional for use in cardio-metabolic disease, orthopaedics and other branches of medicine as we aim to halt and reverse chronic disease. Unfortunately, due to their relatively new introduction to medicine, regulations vary from country to country. Eternity Medicine works closely with governments to ensure that we have all the regulatory approvals necessary before entering a market.

Stem Cell Bank

In order to successfully apply stem cell therapy for chronic diseases and aesthetics, Eternity Medicine requires different tissue samples, including cord blood, fat and bone marrow as these samples provide the “raw materials” for stem-cell production. For this reason, whenever we enter a new market, we also set up stem cell banks, if they are not already available.


A growing area of modern medicine is the field of genomics. Our Stem Cell partners Bioscience and Stemgenn have facilitated introductions to some of the leading global authorities. By partnering with some of the leading genomic experts around the world, Eternity Medicine is well-equipped to offer genomic tests and counselling to all of our clients.

Recent developments in medicine have shown that a person’s genetics not only determines their physical appearance but can also be used to determine the risk of them contracting a devastating disease. Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Eternity is able to offer a range of genomic tests, from pre-natal testing to a full genomic health assessment of an adult. Once a client undergoes a genomic test with Eternity Medicine, we then email that client a full report outlining their risk assessment for certain diseases. In addition to this, some of Eternity’s genomic tests may also require a genetic counsellor, which we are able to provide, to help you analyse your results.

Liquid Biopsy

Blood is a “window” into the body and with the emerging technology of mass spectroscopy and molecular genetics offers an ideal diagnostic platform. We now have the ability to screen people each year for cancer long before it takes hold in the body. Eternity offers a liquid biopsy that analyses thousands of genes in order to risk stratify your chance of developing cancer, and whether you have already started to develop this disease.

Genomic Health Assessment (GHA)

Eternity also offer a unique Genomic Health Assessment (GHA). A simple blood collection of about 2ml is made to grow in specialized incubators and these cells are then monitored for their genome health. A variety of molecular DNA testing is also done to this sample to assess the extent of any DNA damage, whether any lesions exist and to understand the repair capacity of the cells. Through the use of telomere testing, the GHA is also able to ascertain the person’s lifestyle age and other chronic illnesses that may be present in the person.