Eternity Products

The Eternity Medicine E-Store has been created to enable anyone to purchase high quality nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones and select pharmaceuticals together with cosmeceuticals, peptides and lifestyle products from a single centralized global store.

Due to the increase in the number of supplement brands globally, clients are often confused about the difference between supplements. In reality, some brands are more potent, better quality and safer, than others. The Eternity Medicine E-Store aims to provide the context for this discussion by only providing consumers with products that have been chosen collectively by our doctors. In addition to this, many of the supplements that we are offering have been researched extensively for proven efficacy and safety.


Nutraceuticals include vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes, probiotics etc and are mostly derived from plant sources. We have over 50 of the best products sourced from several well-reputed vendors. We have also developed our own unique product, the ‘Magnificent 7’, a key product to reverse insulin resistance, which is the cause of most chronic diseases in the 21st century.


The Eternity E-Store also provides one of the leading French brands of products designed for skin and hair.


Through our telemedicine consultations, as well as our hubs and spokes, the Eternity Medicine E-Store also provides bio-identical hormones and other select compounded pharmaceuticals for clients. 


Peptides differ from hormones and provide another opportunity to regulate the body and can be harnessed to safely treat a wide range of illnesses, especially those associated with aging. Although relatively new to the medical world, we believe the compounding of peptides is an innovative, safe & effective means of functional medicine.


Compounding allows us to produce certain oncology drugs to help combat cancer. When compounding oncology drugs, we ensure that it is done in a sterile environment as to make sure they are effective and safe. Through the utilization of compounding, Eternity Medicine can provide these much needed drugs at competitive prices especially for countries like India and Africa.

Lifestyle Products (including Wearable Technologies)

Our E-Store also provides consumers with innovative wearable technology solutions, food and beverages, apparel, mobile apps and body fat scales, all with the intention of helping you reverse cardio-metabolic diseases.