Eternity Online

Eternity Online is a consumer-focused telemedicine portal that focuses on “insulin resistance” that is killing 80% of people worldwide. It combines at-home blood testing, algorithmic medicine and 24/7 lifestyle coaching in an effort to reverse client’s cardio-metabolic disease.

Democratizing Health Care
Exponential Growth is the force which takes something scarce and makes it abundant, the exponential growth of technologies will change medicine forever!

A central focus of Eternity Medicine is to provide a Premium Program at the home and worksite convenient and affordable for millions of clients.

Our Eternity Medicine Ecosystem places the entire healthcare industry under a single platform and uses our developing Eternity community to dominate itself as an industry leader. We intend to bring healthcare directly to the consumer all available from the client’s smart phone.

By targeting clients digitally, Eternity Medicine is able to offer their services globally. In addition, by utilizing wearable technologies (such as a FitBit) and offering regular doctor consultations, Eternity’s doctors and coaches are able to consistently track their client’s progress. Eternity’s aim is to reverse cardio-metabolic disease using an integrative “whole-person” approach to medicine.

The value of successful electronic communities will be the intense loyalty they generate in their participants, which is what favors first movers into this area…this arena may favor bold entrepreneurs with constrained resources over established corporate titans.

Those titans who are tempted to wait and buy later should be warned that this market will not wait for slow learners. The skills required to participate successfully will be hard to learn quickly; and the premiums required to buy successful businesses will be very high.”

Harvard Business Review

From digital monitoring, to online communities, to medical centers, to medical training and education, we provide a unique context for advanced healthcare practices with our trademark I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L. Health Model, effectively democratizing healthcare and allowing every individual access to the most advanced, easy-to-implement system of age management medicine, anywhere in the world.

Live Online Consultation

Modern technology has allowed Eternity Online to offer telemedicine consultations with some of the leading integrative medicine doctors from around the world. By taking advantage of this technology, we have also been able to integrate medical reports generated from our proprietary Eternity software that can be viewed during the consultations.

Eternity Mobile App

The Eternity Mobile App encompasses a basic version of Eternity’s proprietary software that lets clients view their lab results, history and overall cardio-metabolic risk score in real time. In addition to this, the mobile app also allows clients to have their online consultations from their smartphone from anywhere in the world.