Eternity Metabolic Centers

The Global Wellness Industry is a $3.7 trillion market according to research released by the Global Wellness Institute.

Eternity Medicine provide Programs, Products, Training & Software to Physicians and Healthcare professionals  from around the world.

Hubs (COE) and Spokes

The Eternity Medicine business is based on a “Hub and Spoke” model. “Hubs” are Centers of Excellence (COE) and have more advanced diagnostic screening. Hubs serve as demonstration and training centers, in addition to providing clinical research and a support center to the licensed Health Professionals Centers (Spokes). The Hubs are placed only in select cities.

“Spokes” are implemented by transforming an existing clinic of a doctor so they can offer Metabolic and Regenerative Medicine. Their transition can occur gradually depending on the individual health professional who might only do a day or two a week initially. Ultimately, the Eternity doctor becomes a true Age Management specialist and serves as the primary medical lifestyle interventionist for addressing all age management concerns (chronic disease) for their clients.

Cardiovascular disease and Cancer, the two leading causes of death, are largely due to CardioMetabolic disease, which is a direct result of “insulin resistance” due to our modern western diet and increasing toxic environment.

Doctors and more educated clients are desperate for alternatives. However, most doctors lack the resources to transition their practices and most clients do not know of a single trusted international brand to turn to. Eternity puts the two together.

The heart of Eternity is this: it is a CLIENT-ORIENTED, CONCIERGE-STYLED INTEGRAL HEALTH APPROACH TO REVERSE CARDIO-METABOLIC DISEASE (INSULIN RESISTANCE). And includes the latest Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine. It typically achieves far better client outcome, with true savings for clients, employers and insurers, while generating significantly more net income to the physician.