Eternity (LAMP) Software

The Lifetime Health Assessment and Monitoring Program (LAMP) was created due to inspiration from an article by Lester Breslow MD the Dean of Public Health many years ago at UCLA. In an article he wrote he lamented at the very episodic and fragmented health care of the day which has not changed much even today. He proposed that what physicians needed was a “lifetime health assessment and monitoring tool” to obtain better health outcomes.

This idea stayed with Doctor Simpson over the years and with the advent of the computer and after the digital advances over the past decades gave birth to Eternity’s LAMP.

The LAMP is primarily a clinical tool. In Step 1 Measure – all data from the history, examination and diagnostics are loaded onto a client’s personal LAMP on the cloud. We currently load hundreds of health indicators and biomarkers which will rise to millions and billions of data points in the years ahead. By adding genomics we arrive at a Personalized Risk Assessment.

With this we can do Predictive Analysis to see what disease is likely and thus intervene to Prevent the disease from occurring with Step 2 Mentor we design a tailored program for each client.

Finally we recognize the Participatory nature of the client and health professional. With the LAMP, Eternity’s free APP and mobile devices the health professional (doctor or lifestyle coach) can implement Step 3 Monitor to encourage clients and make sure that the program is working and improving the health of the client.

The integrative doctor or lifestyle coach acts as a trusted mentor to merely guide the client on their journey to optimum health and to realize what William Davis MD offers in his recent book “Undoctored” – “I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and can achieve results superior to those achieved through conventional healthcare not less than, not on par with, but superior to.