Eternity Metabolic Center has an Eternity Academy which also trains Physicians and Lifestyle Coaches on the first Metabolic (Anti-Aging) Software that includes a free APP for all clients and a health professional dashboard to monitor and track the progress of each client. 


Certified Eternity Doctors can deliver a ‘whole person’ evidence based Metabolic program to their clients using the INTEGRAL Health Model using our Lifestyle Health Assessment and Monitoring Program (LAMP) software. You can track clients 24/7, 365 days a year.


Certified Eternity Coaches can deliver Metabolic programs through our propriety Measure, Mentor, Monitor INTEGRAL program. All products can be dropped shipped to clients. All clients will receive a free APP and can stay connected to the lifestyle coach 24/7.


Health Enthusiasts can sign up for our online program ( We will help you understand if you have metabolic disease and how to reverse it from the comfort of your own home. Become part of the Eternity Community.

For information on the Eternity Academy and Training.

Please contact Dr. Zahra Jiwani at [email protected].