Thank you Dr. Graham Simpson, my age management medicine mentor. 

I would like to thank publicly Dr. Simpson. I reconnected with him while in Dubai seven years after my initial training with him. I will be forever grateful for all he taught me in the field of age management medicine. Both the knowledge and practical application of this knowledge have been a great help and support to me through this amazing journey. I believe my success is due in part to his sincere support and mentorship. I want to therefore express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Simpson for giving me this priceless opportunity. His support will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements in this field of medicine.

Francisco M. Torres, MD / Florida, USA

I met Dr. Graham Simpson 14 years ago while on vacation in the Caribbean and was introduced to Anti-Aging medicine by him. As a result I have been able to dramatically improve my health and appearance since then by following a Paleo styled diet, judicious hormone replacement, regular exercise in gyms and select nutraceuticals. My body fat percent has dropped from the mid 20’s to 5% – 7%. I recently won the IBFF World Body Building Championships 70 and over (I’m 75 yrs old); the IBFA Mr. Universe and Mr. Europe 70 and over and intend continuing this lifestyle until they put me in a box. I have more energy and feel and look better than when in my forties. . I have no reservation in recommending Dr Simpson’s Proactive lifestyle program to transform your health too and guarantee that if you follow his advice you will have more energy and will look and feel many years younger.

Dion Friedland / IBFA Mr. Europe and Mr. Universe(Age Category 70+) South Africa

I met Dr. Simpson at Eternity more than five years ago. As most people know I have had diabetes for many years.  Since following a Paleo diet select nutraceuticals and a more balanced lifestyle I’m pleased to say that the Eternity Metabolic Center’s whole person approach has made a significant improvement to my diabetes, energy and overall sense of wellbeing.

Wasim Akram / Former Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team

The day I walked into the Center and started my age management program, my blood sugars were running over 600. I was taking five shots of insulin per day, my vision was disappearing, and I had no energy. After approximately eight months, my blood sugars are now consistently around 85 and I no longer take any insulin shots. My cholesterol has gone from 353 to 166 and my triglycerides have gone from 442 to 110. Plus, I’ve lost an incredible 80 pounds and I have my energy back. My endocrinologist is flabbergasted. Thank you, Dr. Simpson, for changing my life.

Nancy Flocchini / Director of Human Resources, AT&T Nevada, USA

My family and I met Dr. Simpson at his Anti-Aging Center in Dubai. After adopting a HFLC Paleo type diet together with some supplements, good sleep and regular exercise we have been able to totally transform our lifestyle. We are both back to a healthy weight and even our daughter has lost 8kg. We plan to implement this lifestyle on an ongoing basis.

Mr and Mrs Abid Qureshi / Lahore, Pakistan

My partner and I met Dr. Simpson at Cenegenics Institute in Las Vegas where we received training from him. After following his advice for 8 months I was able to drop my body fat over 10% and felt renewed. Although I am a neurosurgeon I added the S.W. Age Intervention Program and have helped hundreds of patients regain their metabolic health and vitality.

Jacob Rosenstein MD / Arlington Texas, USA

My name is Deepak Pal. I have been eating a  Keto and Paleo diet for the last 10 months since I met Dr. Simpson. I’m a 29 year old. I was 84kg before I got into this diet. But in 3 months I was getting results. What’s more I am a complete vegetarian and I want to let all of you know that a Paleo-Vegetarian diet is easy. My energy levels are going up. My weight is dropping slowly, but surely (it is now 67kg). My skin looks 10 years younger I feel better than I have in years. This is no longer a ‘diet’. It’s a new way of life. I won’t go back. I will look forward to my feeling good/healthy future with a Keto and Paleo Lifestyle. 

Deepak Pal / Delhi, India

As a practicing physician my complete focus was on disease management. I connected with Dr. Simpson during my training in Dubai. I was introduced to the concept of an INTEGRAL ‘whole person’ approach. Introduction of paleo diet and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has infused a new zeal in my life. I have lost around 12 kg of my body weight and dropped my fat percentage from 30% to 20%.I have started focusing on the root cause of the disease for my patients and aim for their health management rather than focusing only o the disease. I express my deepest gratitude to Dr Simpson,his constant guidance and mentorship has helped me evolve as a physician.

Dr Sandeep Datta / Delhi, India